City Council for Small Business Owners

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City of Hathian

(IC) The City of Hathian is helping small business owners in the city run a better business. Their success is the city’s success! Interested in earning more than the bare minimum wage? Try your hand at being Assistant Manager and possibly earn a promotion  so you can run one of the following businesses: Clam Convenience Store, Master Bates Inn, Berthier Street Bakery, Asylum Arcade, XXX Porn Shop, Super Chopsticks, Got Head head shop (smoke shop, drug paraphernalia), Best Head Salon (hair and nails), CD Massage Parlor.

The city is also encouraging businesses to come to them for funds to aid business events and advertising (contact Perina McGinnis).

((OOC)) Those interested just need to contact Esperanza Hernandoz to get set up, no proposal for assistant manager is required. Players will receive business group notification rights only.  If you enjoy helping run the place, all Lead/full manager positions are available to propose for (Proposal page)  except for Asylum Arcade, XXX Porn shop and Best Head Salon.

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