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Francheska UdimoPride Fest last week was a hoot… for all the wrong reasons. I was unfortunatly unable to see the queers parade, but I did make it in time to see a scuffle happening at the Titty Twister in the seedier party of town.

Is this really what Hathians made of? Sexually confused men and women who don’t know what they want from life? When did “chilling Out”o in a strip club become the norm? I know when I grew up, my parents sure weren’t running around in each other’s clothing and watching someone get naked for money.

I managed to get an interview with an overly large crossdresser who called himself Cassie Blue while he gyrated a pole. When Cassie Blue was asked whether he was a homosexual, bisexual, or other alternative sexuality type, his answer was more than intriguing.

CB : Oh darlin’….that is just a *terrible* question to ask…don’t you think… Continuing with I’ll let you in a little secret? Cross dressers? Well they are mostly straight.

FU : I wouldn’t say it was a bad question myself. Just an honest one. So, are you saying you’re a straight individual who enjoys women’s clothing?

CB : What? Darling, I am just Cassie Blue…Keep your labels on packs of cigarettes.

FU : Don’t you think, though, that it’d be safer if everyone had a label?

CB : And what label would they put on you? Prude? Virgin? Ice Princess? No darling….a world -without- labels…is the safer world…labels divide us. Muslim…Jew…Christian? Who cares…Y’all worship the same LOLcat in the clouds.

FB : I don’t think I’d have any other label than Christian … I think lots of people care. There’s only one God after all. And the Christian faith has him pegged rightly so. Thank you for your time Cassie Blue.

Unfortunately, after that conversation, this Cassie Blue character felt it right to threaten and act on violence towards me. I am still wearing the bruises and stitches to my gums caused by the hit he dealt. I was later to learn from one of my group members in God for Life that she was assaulted by a lesbian woman while this same Cassie Blue was present as quoted and pictured in an article earlier this week.

“During a slight shouting match that erupted, a homosexual dressed in nothing but red leather chaps, a boa, and matching cowboy hat, started dancing in front of the two women, who were believed to be a part of the God For Life group. Another woman, dressed all in rainbow, came up to the group and started going along with the antics, which ulimately ended up in the man being willingly sodomized by a glowstick, after which he proceeded to join in the singing of ‘This Little Light Of Mine’, while showing the crowd his own ‘little light’.”

The assault happened after that incident to Mindy Hooper, a woman of forty seven (47) who was at the parade attempting to spread the love of God. This is what she had to say.

“One of those woman in the photographs sexually assaulted me. She got naked, as did the crude little boy, and made a mockery of our religion. This will not do. We only want to spread the word and love of the Lord. I had to wash myself with wire wool after the things that woman did to me. It’s a crime.”

I was appalled when I had heard her story. It would seem that people who have lost faith have also lost any respect for their fellow human being. Those people who were once a minority and who have fought so hard for equal rights are now allowed to belittle and abuse those of strong faith.

That seems like a backwards kind of world to be living in.


Do you have something interesting to say about God? Do you have a question about Religion you want answered? Just email me any questions at and I’ll answer you in next week’s column.

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