Got Head Showcases Local Artist

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No one ever thought a garage could be an art studio.

Rika, a young woman who works at Hathian Motors, when not working, spends her spare time in the garage designing, creating and hand painting her own bongs and pipes, which are now on display and for sale at the local Got Head store.

“They are functional, but more than that, they really show an amazing command of metal,” says Cael Mckormac, a clerk at Got Head who was showing off the practical artwork. “They are a real statement to the beauty that can be found in something most deem ugly.”

The store is now featuring seven pieces from the part-time artist and full-time mechanic, ranging in styles from small and simple, to larger with the stars and stripes. The bongs are priced anywhere from $25.00 to $40.00, depending on the size and complexity of the paint job. Quantity is also limited, as these are custom pieces.

Management at Got Head assures that none of their products are used for illicit purposes, and are just for recreational hookah hobbyists to smoke legal herbs and teas.

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