Baby Behind Bars?

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Carver's attacker remains in custody.


'Jane Doe' remains behind bars

Standing out among the teaming crowd at the public execution of Harley Riler aka the Headless Harvester, were a small but vocal knot of supporters. Two unidentified women were among the first to show carrying picket signs declaring, ‘capital punishment is nothing but murder!’ and ‘Who are the Murderers Now?’ The latter woman was wearing a garish gas mask concealing her entire face. While such theatrics were expected at a public execution, the HPD seemed woefully unprepared for any trouble such a chaotic crowd of onlookers might cause which nearly claimed the lives of two of Hathian’s finest.

Seconds after Riler was viciously kicked to her demise by HPD Captain, Hendrich Andel, the gas-mask wearing protester streaked across the expanse of the killing ground to brutally attack Sergeant Dax Carver with a knife. Rushing to his defense was Lieutenant Tori Best and Officers Marcus Tinamou and Connor Murray who were quick to subdue the pint-sized protester, but not before she caused significant injury to both Carver and Best who left the scene on foot to go to the hospital while the suspect was placed into custody and immediately transported to the HPD.

Riler's supporters protest the execution.

Following the attack on Carver and Best, the crowd began to grow unruly during which Captain Andel released canisters of tear gas into the rapidly dispersing crowd and ordered the arrest of Jane Doe.

While the motivation for her attack is unknown, it is thought that she was a friend of the deceased, Harley Riler.

Following her arrest, Doe refused to cooperate with authorities speaking not at all or only in Chinese claiming to translators that she is just fifteen years old and is afraid for her life. The HPD are leery of Doe’s claims of being a minor and are encouraging anyone with information about her to contact them so that the proper action might be taken in her expected conviction. Doe is presently charged with two counts of assault of an officer, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, obstruction and resisting arrest. At this time it is expected that she will be released on parole which may be difficult to orchestrate while her identity remains unknown.

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