Three Police Attacked; Two Dead and Later Revived

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Late on the evening of the 9th, at Hathian’s beach on the north end of town, three police officers were caught off guard and brutally attacked by an unknown suspect or suspects.

Two of the three police officers flat lined, and were clinically dead, though later resussed, one believed to be Officer Adam O’Connor.

“Their cruiser drove passed the titty bar, ” said an anonymous witness, whose identity will remain hidden for their personal safety. “It was going so fast, I hardly even saw their faces inside before it flew off the pier and into the drink.”

The witness recalled seeing two officers climb out of the sinking car, one moving to fight with the suspect while the other tried to free the third officer, who appeared to be trapped in the squad car.

“The cop was fighting someone, and they disappeared off the end of the pier, and one of them never came up,” Anonymous explains. “And the other cop got a woman out of the passanger side before they passed out on shore.”

It is not known if all three officerse are still in hospital recieving treatment, or back on duty.

“If Hathian’s police can’t even protect themselves, what are we supposed to do?”

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