Police Brutality Questioned in Violence at the Pie Hole

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Late night violence broke out in the early hours on Sunday, July 10, 2011 as a local man is thrown through the glass window at the Pie Hole Pizzeria.  The incident happened just after midnight and is described to by witnesses and emergency responders as a bad case of lost temper.  It all started when Officer Baden Daines showed up at the Pie Hole and began talking to a young lady, Sunhi Gavilan and James Matfield, a 27 years old former Senior Physician and store manager of the local Jimmie’s Chicken Shack.  Employee’s described the men as having an unpleasant exchange before Matfield stepped outside, leaving Daines and Gavilan to talk alone.   Matfield was heard saying by the desk clerk that he was going for air.  Moments later, however, Sunhi Gavilan called after Matfield, and began talking to him again, with every response seeming to draw more frustration between the two men.

“They didn’t seem too happy at all, but we couldn’t hear what was being said outside, just occasionally the raising of voices,” the cashier told the Observer.

Daines, a 25 year old senior officer in the Hathian Police Department was said to have grown angry at whatever was said by Matfield.  He struck Matfield in the face hard with his fist, knocking him to the ground. After a few more words exchanged, Matfield was lifted and tossed through the plate glass window of the Pie Hole, sending Matfield tumbling through tables in the window and striking his head on the table nearby.

“He was pretty bloody and there were shards of glass sticking out of him everywhere.  I honestly just clocked out as there was no way I was cleaning up all that blood,” says the cashier.

Daines declined comment, but when asked by the responding paramedics as to what happened, he was heard saying that young James Matfield had gotten rough with Sunhi Gavilan.  The Observer hasn’t been able to get a word with Sunhi Gavilan at this time to dispute the accuracy of this claim. While a witness describes it as an escalated argument, the paramedics did note the fear in the girl’s eyes.  Months earlier, James Matfield had pleaded guilty to a confessed rape of one (name withheld for protection).  While he swears it was done under the influence of someone drugging him, no evidence has be retrieved from the HPD, as most internally feel it is a pretty well closed case.  However, with the violence that erupted tonight, one has to wonder if this is linked together. Was it simply a case of a good cop defending a young girl, being beaten by her rapist boyfriend?  Or was it just good old fashioned police brutality that we have become so accustomed to? As of print, the status and conditioned of the Chicken Shack manager is unknown as he was transferred to another hospital at his own request to the paramedics in route.

This wouldn’t be the first incident involving Daines in the last week. A complaint was filed in the week with the Observer by Dr. Paul Carr, providing footage from the Hathian General Hospital, that paints a picture of  the typical Hathian Police Officer the town has come to love. While details on the incident remain heresay, the bruises left to the good doctor’s wrists are telling.

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