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Unknown Victim 07/06

July 7, 2011 HATHIAN – LA

One of Hathian’s most favourite postal cards became the site of a cruel homicide last Wednesday. The victim, still lacking any identification, was found by an anonymous 911 caller at around 11pm of that night, tracking marks at the sand confirms that the body was moved from the still unknown crime scene until that particular location.

The body had no documents or personal possessions apart from a pair of green boxers, bearing several stabbing wounds in his abdomen, and bruises to his head. The body was also castrated (genitalia remains missing), and had his lips sewn by a pattern of stitching in the shape of the letters ‘L9RS’, the same abbreviation used by one of Hathian’s active street gangs, the Lower Ninth Rejects, already known to be violent and dangerous.

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