Hathian’s Finest Rescue Kidnapped Girl

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Hathian’s Finest Rescue Helpless Girl from Hathian Residence

Tonight, Hathian Police, assisted by the Fire Department of Hathian, rescued a young female who had been held against her will at a local Hathian address by persons intent on causing her harm while keeping her captive.

After a Hathian Police officer was seriously injured attempting to save the lone female, several persons were detained by Hathian’s crack SWAT team and taken to Hathian General for treatment. One disturbed person was taken to Hathian Police Station for questioning, where she was heard to exclaim “I need to go home and feed my cat!!”

A Hathian Police spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Hathian Police will always respond with the proportionate force to assist and retrieve persons being held against their will. We will use all of the public resources at our disposal to ensure that the only persons held against their will are those legally held at our supervised, humane and certified facility.”

Any queries about this article may be directed to the HPD Press Officer, Hathian Police Station.

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