Heroic Act Ends In Tragedy

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Associated Press — 6/8/2011 — New Orleans, Louisiana

“There was six of them, they wanted my diamond ring. They pulled bats and chains and were going to beat me senseless for it and then out of nowhere comes this guy, i never seen so much movement before, he had five of them down on the ground out cold in a  matter before i heard the shot……the last guy had pulled a gun and shot the man who had saved me. It wasn’t until i pulled his jacket up that i seen he was a cop, this man is a true hero…he put his life before mine and my newborn child ”

The man who saved this woman was veteran Hathian Police Department Sergeant John Morpork. Sergeant Morpork is a 10-year veteran of the Hathian Police Department of Hathian, Louisiana; he was a part of the force during the Ace-Reject War, Voodoo Strangler Murders, and more.

Sergeant Morpork was struggling to live as Paramedics and New Orleans Police Officers arrived on scene.  Sergeant Morpork was life flighted to New Orleans General Hospital, while en route he was able to talk to Paramedics “I saw what was happening and i defended them as if they were my own.” Sergeant Morpork passed away while en route to the Hospital.

The New Orleans Police Department is honoring Sergeant Mopork with the Gold Medal in Heroics and the City of New Orleans has presented his honor with the key to the city.

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