Campus Art Gallery Opens

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With not much to appreciate in Hathian, the arrival of a new art gallery is welcomed with open arms. Operated by Zak Rhiano, a local professor of art and architecture, the building boasts not only current artwork, but many opportunities for the future.

The current exhibit features the professor’s travels, ranging from destinations such as Cambodia and Peru, to Morocco and our neighbours up north, Canada. They display not only intricate architecture, but life itself, from the street life of Amsterdam to humble villagers in Indonesia.

Even so, the simple beauty of the buildings seem to take the cake for Rhiano.

When asked what his personal favourite was, he replied with the display of a brilliant piece from Spain, “Antoni Gaudi.” he said. “He was probably the most innovative architect to ever live.”

The building, which looked like it was melting in the hot European sun, was built nearly one hundred years ago, and still stands in Barcelona today.

In a town where there isn’t much to admire, to appreciate, the art gallery, which sits on the edge of Black Bottom, is a breath of fresh air.

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