Letter to the Editor: Complaint on HGH

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((Posted ICly by Anonymous))

This towns health care system is in bad need of reform. Over the last several years I have sat back and watched as corruption and general malpractice has seemed to just take precedence over patient care and rights. How many has came into the hospital just needing a shot but left without a kidney? What about the man who took it upon himself to help that gang leader kidnap the kid from the father right inside the hospital. Sure he was a gang leader too but lets not forget the point. Kidnapping is wrong. Is this really the kind of image this town needs? Now look even as it seems one of the highest in power there, the Chief of Staff’s wife mind you..was arrested on drug charges..allegedly of course. Imagine coming into the hospital needing a check up, but your doctor is too high to treat you?

One has to wonder, if she has little drug issues, what else are they hiding from us? Well, I for one am not going to sit by and let it happen anymore. I mean, just look; not even a year ago the hospital was literally state shut down cause it was falling apart. They couldn’t even afford to repair the old place due to the lawsuits for general malpractice. Yet they still managed to get another building. Since the state can’t seem to do anything about their carelessness, its up to us. Who will step up and lead the charge against medical corruption? Perhaps some vigilante justice is in order? Only time will tell but I hope something happens too, before our children have to suffer at the hands of redneck doctors and pill heads.

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