Local Christmas Hamper

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It’s Christmas time again, and that means countless amounts of money spent on presents and food, while the people who need it most, the homeless, the impoverished, get left on the way-side.

But, it seems like every year, food banks spring up left and right, and Hathian isn’t alone in this. This year, a young woman named Valena Jensen is putting together a food and clothing drive of her own, which will all be donated to the local food bank and distributed to families in need.

“Any donation is welcome,” Jensen says. “Toys, clothes, nonperishable food, even money. Everything that we don’t need can be used by someone else, someone who does need it.”

A donation box as been set up outside the Titty Twister club, until the 20th of December, when it will be  shipped to the food bank.

Jensen also said that she will match any amount of money donated, whether it’s fifty cents or fifty dollars, which will be put towards perishable food items, such as turkey for Christmas dinner and fruits and vegetables.

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