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((To be read through the mind of a 10 year old youth reporter going by the pseudonym, Mr. Smith.))


This reporter has discovered more of the terrorist plot while going deep undercover while are great risk of bodily harm or even death! What has been uncovered is the name of the terrorist sleeper cell right here in Hathian. Quoting from a protected source who’s name will not be revealed: “You gotta watch out for the Rejects…they are bad news like zombies …and they are really ugly too,” end quote. Now, my American brothers and sisters, can we allow Rejected Zombies to wander around our good town? I think not.

This reporter has still not been able to determine what has driven these people to become terrorists…yet, but I assume it is because they have been rejected. Rejected by what, you ask? Well, I dont know, but maybe if we can give them what they were rejected, they will leave America alone can go back to the Terrorist homeland. Remember Hathian, we as Americans need to fight all Terrorist Rejected Zombies or what not!

Until next time, this is Mr. Smith reporting.



This reporter understands that most people can not stop themselves from using cuss words. With this, I wonder how far the Terrorist with go to destroy our way of life…from within.

From burger sellers making kids fat to teachers and babysitters teaching small children horrible words…words this reporter will not repeat here… When did these terrorist get here? How long have they been part of our country… waiting? Speaking of kids and teachers… as silly as it sounds, even the TODDLERS of this town know about the rejected zombie terrorists. I am assuming the terrorist babysitters have been trying to recruit them they have been known to use these horrible tactics. This reporter witnessed babysitting terrorist bribing toddlers with candy and milkshakes. From where you ask? Yes, you got it: GEIN BURGER!

Good people of Hathian can we allow these so called sleeper terrorists slime their ways into the minds of our american youth? If you think your babysitter is a Rejected Zombie Terrorist…Please PLEASE report them to the government!

Until next time, this is Mr. Smith reporting.



This Reporter has finally after many days revealed the true leader of the Terrorist group known as the “Rejected Zombies”. While hiding near the Gein Burger, I noticed an older woman who I assume is the manager, or at least the person who runs it for the terrorists, serve a man, bow to him, and call him Master in her strange accent. Now, as you know people with strange accents should all be suspect of being terrorists, and this one is always around the known terrorists.

So, this woman must have got the Terrorist leader mad by calling him a Jap Huhn (which I assume is terrorist for some insult) because he jumped up and started to beat her! I must admit, I thought he was going to cut her head off, but it looks like the police showed up and stopped him. This reporter can not tell you what happen afterwards because the police (who I assume are all working for the Terrorists to just let the leader walk away.)
So this Reporter has finally found out who the “Bo” is, and he makes his terrorist soldiers call him master.

What will happen now? What happens now is that the story has been broke and all the terrorists know we know they are here. Lets just hope they take the hint and go back into hiding and leave us alone. To be on the safe side, if you are under 15 years old, I would suggest you do not eat at Gein Burger for a few days if they are adding extra preservatives and trying to make you fat!

Until next time, this is Mr. Smith reporting.

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