Sexual Predator Caught By HGH Shrink

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The man authorities have been looking for since November 10 for murder and aggravated sexual assault was caught late last night behind the popular Titty Twister strip bar. The man, identified as Nikolai Berezovsky, who has a long record including assault of a police officer, false imprisonment, sexual asault, and kidnapping, was in the process of assaulting Ms. Valena Jensen, a Hathian local, when he was pursued and incapacitated by Nathan McConach. McConach, a psychiatrist at Hathian General, says he was contacted through text message by the victim immediately prior to the assault.

A report was filed with police early on the 10th after a box containing a severed hand, an unidentified organ and an unborn child was found in Ms. Jensen’s mailbox at the Twister, where she works as a bartender. At that time, the police were looking for a tall, muscular white man with an accent.

Now in hospital, Bereovsky was visited by a friend earlier today, to whom he confessed sexually assaulting and torturing Ms. Jensen. Sarah Blaisdale spoke to the Observer following her report to the police and said, “He just told me he was ready to come clean and that he had a problem.” When asked how she felt hearing her friend’s confession, she stated that she didn’t take it well, “He’s a member of the family. It’s not easy to hear your brother admit to something like that.”

Berezovsky is currently in police custody, though he is at the hospital under strict supervision of HGH physicians after an attempted suicide.

When asked about Jensen’s recovery process, McConach, who claims he was just protecting a friend, says “I know she is strong and can overcome things. But asking a time frame is near impossible.”

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