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HATHIAN – Local scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) visited the Lower Louisiana area in the last few weeks to quietly survey the areas of Hathian, Vodou, Devils Pocket, Black Bottom, District 8, & Fishtown as part of normal routine inspection in the wake of the devestating storm earlier in the year. However, on this latest round of checkups, officials are reporting that unforeseen damages to the environment are starting to appear among both local wildlife and plant life. The severity of the situation is not yet known, as the EPA has taken multiple samples from each of the six areas that make up our small Southern town, and will need to test each one carefully to determine a course of action.

Also, in an effort to investigate possible building damages, inspectors have been dispatched to the area and should be visiting local businesses within the coming weeks, including Hathian General Hospital, which has reportedly suffered a collapsed roof in the last few days. Whether or not this is related to the April storm has not been determined, though rumor of closure is already circling among the small community.

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