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Hot tip from an anonymous source: Three unidentified men, only known to be Ace’s Crew, threw canisters of CS tear gas into Piper Rewell’s residence in Vodou on Saturday evening.  Inside were Piper and her 8 month old baby, Taja, who has been at the center of a war literally blowing Hathian to shreds, along with three other unidentified individuals. It is reported that most of the group ran upstairs to rescue the endangered child, though one ran out the front door and was promptly attacked by one of the Ace’s involved. Taja’s screams were drowned out by shouts and threats between the two rival gangs until one retreated, leaving those at Rewell’s house to be cared for by the Hathian Fire Department. The Hathian Police Department did arrive on the scene, but there is no word if any charges were filed.

This comes off another string of fights related to Taja’s War that Hathian has been witness to in the last few days, another being a battle in front of the temporarily crowned Super Chopsticks/Gein Burger hybrid restaurant. While details are not known of who was involved, various armbands and bullet necklaces were scene mixed in with unmarked individuals. Numerous injuries were reported, though at time of print, no arrests were made.

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