College Rampage leaves 13 dead

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BLACK BOTTOM — The quiet campus of Columtreal University was sent into chaos Saturday night as an unknown killer attack and killed 13 students and guests at the HAB/KNX costume party. No one knows who was responsible for this attack and police have very little to go on in regards to the identity of the killer or if they had help.

Students stated that the killer used a variety of weapons including a buzz saw and spears, one guest was even set on fire. Emergency personnel were able to stabilize the victims who were still alive and transport one to the hospital but were not immediately available for comment.

“There was blood everywhere,” stated one frightened student who refused to give his name. “I saw people running and screaming and this monster just dancing like it was doing a ballet.”

According to police reports, students were trapped in the house allowing the killer to do the most damage and no one could get a cell phone signal. Someone outside the party was able to call 911 once student figured out what was going on inside the house.

Witnesses stated that the perpetrator had long blond hair and wore some sort of mask and lingerie. None of the student could say where it came from.

University official have made grief councilors available for students who lost frineds in this gruesome attack and the college will be closed Monday, June 1 in observance of the lives lost at the Beta House.

Calls to the Police Department were not immediately returned.

This attack comes months after the quiet streets of Hathian were jolted by a series of grueseom murders that have left more than a dozen dead already. Could these murders be connected in anyway or even with the mass attack at the Beta House?

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