3 Released on Botched Evidence

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Hathian– The District Attorney was forced to release the three alleged gunman that were arrested earlier this week in the connection with the gangland murders because of contaminated evidence.  While the story is still be investigated by police, a local lab technician who’s name has not been released was fired due to a mistake regarding the physical evidence in the case.

While the details of the mistakes have not been released it has been rumored there there was a contamination of the evidence of an “irreparable measure”.  While some have asked how this could have happened, or if there was some sort of corruption that lead to this “mistake”, one thing is clear, all three suspects are on the streets and will face no future charges regarding the case.

When asked about Mrs. Walcott it said that she was released on bail and in the custody of a private citizen due to the need for medical care.  She was said to receive injuries in connection with an inmate scuffle.

None of the former defendants or lawyers could be contacted for a statement.  While the mayors office is keeping a tight lid on the investigation, they did say “we are doing everything within our power to correct the mistakes that were made here today, to assure that they are never repeated. But we want to assure you that in this matter, justice will be served”

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