Security Officers Wanted!

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Could you be a trusted member of the Columtreal University Staff? Keep students and instructors safe from harm?  With a very good salary and fantastic benefits package, this job is for you!

Contact Black Hotaling or Asile Cortes, our Security Managers for more information on this exciting opportunity!

Offical Job Description

Job Title: CU Security Officer

Salary Median—$27,320-$43,860 depending upon experience

Employee patrols and checks University buildings and facilities. Work involves identifying  and dealing with criminal attacks upon students, teachers and associated faculty buildings.  Work also involves insuring that buildings are properly locked and that no unauthorized personnel are in restricted areas.  Employees are expected to co-ordinate with the HPD to ensure the campus is a safe haven for learners.

Duties of the Job

1. Visually patrols buildings, building grounds, and parking lots to observe unusual behavior and to prevent vandalism.
2. Prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas.
3. Maintains records and communicates information to other personnel using computer equipment.
4. Carries out emergency repairs to damaged property to ensure safety of students and staff, and protect university interests.
5. Assists police, as appropriate.
6. Investigates vandalism and may detain suspects until police respond.
7. Controls vehicle traffic on campus.
8. Maintains radio-contact with security office to allow for rapid response to criminal events.
9. Deals with illegal student activity on campus in a non-violent and appropriate manner.
10. Enforces correction of infractions through verbal warning, expels unruly persons, and detains more serious offenders for proper authorities.
11. Maintains and safeguards sensitive information and records.
12.  Reports to Deans, any incidents of note.


Provost Geoffrey Welders, Dean Zack Ziarkower & Dean Bri Reifsnider


1. Subjects should have a clean criminal record. (Or have passed the recommended security checks).
2. One year of experience as a security guard, police officer or military police officer. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.
3. Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

On-job Training

Some positions require on-job training and licencing by the Police Department in the use of non-lethal security equipment, such as handcuffs, tazers and “pepper spray”. Such certification must be renewed on an annual basis.

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