Notorious BBP Speaks Out!

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Geoffrey Welders (GW), editor in chief of the Hathian Observer, managed to secure a one on one interview with the notorious BBP (BeBe Pink) of Hathian. Miss Pink is the most connected individual of Hathian, from connections of the city’s seedy underbelly to often controversial local police department.


GW: “What have you reflected upon, during your time in jail? “


BBP: “Honestly?  I try not too…being in here gives you way too much time to think… Thinking about some stuff ain’t the best idea, especially when you have the history I do. “


GW: “How have you been passing the time, during your incarceration?“


BBP: “I read a lot.  I would do them Sudoku puzzles, but they drive me nuts.  I hate word searches too.  I always see words that aren’t in the list to find.“


GW: “What is your opinion of your fellow inmates, especially the ones that are linked to your rivals?”


BBP: “I don’t much think of them to be honest.  I’m always kept away from most of the other inmates ’round here. Nadir don’t trust me not to hurt one of them for mouthing off at me.”


GW: “Have you felt threatened, during your time behind bars?”


BBP: “Nah, not here in the Hathian jail.  Nadir is the police captain and all… he keeps an eye on me. I’m always separated from the other inmates and he don’t allow any other officers to take me out of my cell but him.  Even if Nadir wasn’t here, I wouldn’t feel any threat… I can take care of me.”


GW: “Do you feel as if the prison guards ensuring your safety?”


BBP: “Not really…only reason they ain’t laid a hand on me is because if they did, they know I’d kill them when I get out.”


GW: “I see you’re soon to have another child. What has being pregnant within a prison been like?”


BBP: “Well, this ain’t the first time I’ve been pregnant while I was in jail. It obviously ain’t the most ideal place in some people’s mind, but I’m actually safer in here than out in the streets during this time.” 


GW: “You’re the family matriarch of Hathian, what with many of the children that run the streets being your own. How does the family run without you?” 


BBP shakes her head before responding: “I ain’t the matriarch of Hathian.  I’m just me… just plain old BeBe Pink. My family does what they have to do to get by.  That’s how life has always been…hand to mouth, fist to fist, do what you got to do to see another day.”


GW: “Do you find the break down in economy has proven a struggle to maintain your home and family, during your time away?” 


BBP: “Nah. We’ve gotten by on a lot less.  When I was a kid, my brothers, sisters, and me didn’t have nothin’.  We literally lived behind a dumpster in this make shift shelter that my brother, Burnt, built.  We had our hands full with my brother, Paul.  He wasn’t right in the head back then and it was tough making him take his medicines and what not.  We are living real fine now days considering how it was back then.  We play the cards in the hand we were dealt.”


GW: “Are your children supportive? Do they visit you often?” 


BBP:” My kids come by when they can.  They all have their own lives and I don’t expect ’em to drop everything and come runnin’. Rippen always takes care of the younger ones of my bunch when I’m away, she’s a big help.  Chance always took over and helped too when he was still with us. He always came and saw me daily when i was locked up.  The other kids come pretty much weekly.” 


GW: “What are your domestic plans, once released from custody?”


BBP: “I ain’t much of a domestic kinda’ person.  Susie Homemaker and Betty Crocker ain’t really my gig.  I just wanna’ have this kid and try to fade out of the public eye a little, I guess, if’n that is even possible.”


W: “What is your opinion on the current state of gang related affairs in Hathian?” 


BBP emits a loud sigh as she answers: “Gangs now a days ain’t like the gangs of my day.  Gangs now lack respect…respect for themselves and for one another.  They ain’t got no sense to be honest.  They have no idea what the true meaning of gang is.  They run round here slinging guns, killin one another, acting like they is seven foot tall and bullet proof.  They ain’t got the sense god gave a rock.  They need to all have their asses whipped by their mothers and sent to bed with no damn supper.  They are all money hungry, gun slinging, crack headed, retards.” 


GW: “What do you think about the current state of American politics?” 


BBP creases her forehead with wrinkles as she says: “I ain’t much for those kinda things.  One thing my father taught me was don’t talk about religion or politics…and honestly I couldn’t talk much about ’em if I wanted to.  Maybe it’s not too smart of me, but I don’t much keep up with that stuff.”


GW: “There’s an air of change that came in with the new year. Do you have any plans for change?”


BBP lets off her trademark half-crooked smile as she states: “If I changed, then I wouldn’t be BeBe, now would I?”


BeBe Pink seems to show no pause to resume her usual antics once out of prison. Surely, all of Hathian waits with baited breath to see what she’ll do next.

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