Police Release Student: Murderer Remains at Large

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In an update to a popular story run a few days ago, 18 year old college student Leo Ducatillon has reportedly woken from a coma which had lasted four days. He is said to be speaking though he has not yet taken any steps and is described as “stable” by hospital authorities. A hospital source, who did not wish to be named, said that he was getting over his major injuries and that it would obviously take “quite a while” for this to occur fully. It is unclear exactly what injuries he sustained, or how he gained them. Some rumor-mongers have pointed the finger of blame firmly at the Police Department, whereas others whisper about gangs perhaps infiltrating the station and delivering their own kind of kangaroo-court justice.

Either way, it seems that whoever did this got the wrong man. Despite the student rally outside the Hathian Police Department two days ago, the murderer of Columtreal University Football team’s towelboy, Franco Lombardi, remains at large and Mr Ducatillon is no longer a suspect.

Press Association Louisiana :

~ Hamish McPherson

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