Lions Family Planning On Research And Development To Boost Local Medical Care

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Recently the Hathian Observer sat down with Ashley Redenblack and Bowen McRieve to discuss an exciting new project financed by the Lions Family to bring much needed medical expertise to Hathian General Hospital

During the conversation Ms Redenblack would elaborate that rather than it just being a donation but a open budget as well as funding to the hospital’s Research and Development Department in a bid to help come up with new drugs, treatments and medical equipment to assist in aiding the Hospital Staff in providing the best medical care available to those requiring medical care that the public can support by enrolling in future paid subject trials.

Of course as with any organisation that gernerously offers funding to benefit the wider community there will be detractors trying to find ulterior motives behind the act of kindness though speaking to them this reporter could tell from their answers that this is very much a pasison project not just for them both but for the Lions Family who are keen to give back to the community they live and work in.

And this is not the first time the Lions have been seen to donate to the community having been the main sponsors of the recent Carnival event through their LL Warehouses Group Holding Company whose funding provided a much needed boost to the funding process for the carnival.

Mr MacRieve would further elaborate that the Lions Group Holdings, the name the family business, have come together to try helping the city and giving back to the community that they have been a part of and has allowed them, along with a lot of hard work, to become the sucessful family business they currently are today, that while others may be  only interested in profit they have a much more altruistic attitide which they hope will benefit Hathian and it’s population.

One thing that did come up was the lack of leadership in Hathian, and how local and state government has long since abandoned Hathian to it’s own devices, the Lions Family want to step up and fill part of the void left by their absence and be a  positive part of the community.  Their fresh and positive attitude is summed up by the generous $350 incentive given to those willing to participate in future clinical trials once research and development medicinal research is concluded, on top of what is already a substantial amount of investment and funding in other key areas of Hathian General Hospital

As of writing this article things seem to be developing rapidly and the Lions Family’s resolute manner gives the impression that they won’t be happy until they  have not only put their monry into the project but started to see some positive results in their plans to start improving the quality and quantity of the medical care provided to the people of Hathian and while some detractors will no doubt still doubt them I am left with the impression that this can only be a good thing for this city and will in the long run prove their detractors that the Lions Family genuinelly have the best interests of the city at heart.


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