Dear Grace: Sexually Experimenting

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Dear Grace,

I have recently been experimenting sexually and I tried anal sex. The problem is it hurt, and it continues to hurt. How do I make the pain go away, or how long does it last for? Is there anything I can do to make this less painful next time? Should I be making my partner do anything to make sure I am less sore too?

Thank you

Sexually Experimenting


Dear Sexually Experimenting.

For this one, I sat there and thought it through hard. I even considered doing some research and decided that with my lack of experience in this one department I couldn’t give you a good enough answer. I didn’t want to ignore your discomfort either. I did something I haven’t done before and I turned to a friend for the answer. Please don’t panic this is still very very anonymous and no one, even myself, knows who you are. I hope David Pinks’s response below gives you the answers you need.

All the best,



Dear sexually experimenting,

Anal is not something to take lightly. Whether you are a beginner using a finger or a graduate like myself that enjoys the occasional fist. To start with, was there any warm-up? Did he toss your salad like his name was romain? You have to relax and loosen up a bit. I am partial to a nice tongue but to each their own. For starters relax. Relax and take a breath. The poop chute can be a two-way street if you take the time to enjoy it. Let him play with you a little, one finger.. then two.. then before you know it he can shove a honey ham up your fanny.

Next is lube. Make sure you are liberally lubed. Your booty is going to suck some up like a hummingbird thirsty for a drink on a hot summer day, so make sure to keep applying. You literally can’t use too much.

Now if things get a little too rowdy, prolapse is a possibility. Your booty might turn itself inside out and come out to say hello. Don’t panic. It happens to the best of us. Just take a breath and get your partner to shove all that mess back up inside of yourself. It isn’t a problem unless it keeps happening, then maybe seek a doctor.

I hope this helps!

Signed, One in the pink.

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