Swamp Bottom Boxing… Coming Soon!

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The Lions flyer for "Swamp Bottom Boxing

So you may be saying to yourself, well I am not a wimp, where can I go to legally beat someone into a vegatative state without all that legal bs that is usually inmvolved?  Well if your not a wimp and you want to prove yourself as one of the toughest men or women not just in the Hathian area but in the entire State of Louisiana then THE LIONS FAMILY have new a pugilism project that is just for you.

So come down to the Swamp Bottom Boxing, and make a name for yourself as one of the premier fighters around and the baddest men and women on the planet while potentially earning $1000 tax free UDS if you can become one of the top fighter in Swamp Bottom Boxing Ring. Settle grudges, prove how bad ass your are or just beat the shit out of people for fun, hell if Fat Mama pops her head out of the swamp maybe even wrestle a gator too!

But you don’t have to be a fighter to be involved in Swamp Bottom Boxing, there is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to women looking to show how hot they are as, The Lions are looking for ring girls, potentially earn $500 and be involved is guarenteed to be one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar this year.

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