Fraudulent Bank Charges Sweeping City

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If you’ve found your bank account a little light on the cash load this month, you’re not alone. Police have been getting reports of fraudulent debit and credit card charges from residents across Hathian.

Identity and credit card theft are some of the leading internet scam businesses in this new electronically dependent age. Often times times the information received is harvested and sold to numerous buyers around the web making these sort of cyber crimes hard to detect and trace back to any particular source.

A spokesperson for the Hathian Police Department has been able to reveal a number of suspicious ATMs cropping up around the city, that are suspected to be tied to the incidents. PSC, a bank formerly of New Orleans, has been closed for some time.

“The ATMs shift,” the spokesperson said. “last we knew they were at Titty Twister, Lou’s, Slim Goodies, and the gas station.”

A PSC truck has been spotted recently picking up and dropping off funds and servicing the cash machines. Surveillance cameras were able to catch a brief glimpse of one of the drivers. The man, who is wanted for questioning, is roughly six foot in height, Caucasian, with a muscular build. No tattoos or distinguishing marks could be seen, and no photos from the video are being released at this time.

If you believe that your information may have been stolen you are encouraged to head down to the station and file a report. Please try to give as much information as possible, including any unexplained charges, and any locations you may have used your card recently to withdraw money.

If you have seen, or heard anything that could help please call or visit the station. A reward of $300 dollars is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest.


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