Outside HPD – Injuries From Car Bombing

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By: Daiyu Tang

It’s now one full day since I came back to Hathian and as noted in my article yesterday evening, within about 30 minutes of starting work someone blew up a car bomb near HPD which yours truly was heading towards based on an anonymous tip about a suspicious package. Luckily, covered in soot and debris I was uninjured, which isn’t what can be said for at least two officers and potentially the perpetrator as well.

As far as I could see the explosion didn’t originate in a package as I had been advised but in a car, which had been parked outside the station, although thankfully on the far side of the street from the steps up to HPD.

When the explosion happened it looked like FDH had just arrived with both a fire truck and ambulance and from what I saw there was damage to their vehicles, including shattered glass that caused injury to FDH staff, including the new chief.

HPD Public Relations confirmed three injuries, one of whom they suggested was the suspect. While I was not able to get close to scene to confirm, this photo may help identify them.

With explosions rocking the city and with HPD tight-lipped on whether or whom might be behind it, as always the Observer recommends caution to citizens. Was this a part of the apparent Reject / Yuugen war or was this perhaps HAC related? Either way, with the FDH Chief injured and damage to FDH property this can hardly be seen as anything other than crime… perhaps even domestic terrorism.

At least it gave us a chance to watch Kimber wash her ambulance (Twitter link here). Readers, do you think she missed a bit?

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