The New Leadership of FDH

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By: Vivienne C.

In early May, events have unfolded which exposed Dale Warrhol, the disgraced previous fire chief. His murder of Charles Bolo was a crime and a violation on a deep level because it happened while he drove an ambulance that was meant to save lives, not end them. The implications and symbolism is what I believe drove many to be critical of him even if few would mourn the passing of Bolo.

It was also a revelation of true colours (green) and a difficult moment to confront the fragility of trust in Hathian’s institutions. I was relieved however when Dale was fired as a consequence of his actions and that FDH is trying to rebuild the relationship with citizens and regain trust in the institution.

I had the opportunity to meet with FDH new Chief Trevor Pentewyn who shared his vision and re-affirmed FDH’s commitment to serve everyone in Hathian.

Meet the New Chief

A fire being extinguished at the Observer

Chief Pentewyn has previously worked as Detective Sergeant in HPD, with a clean record, he has many years of experience dealing with Hathian’s crisises. As well as an extensive medical background, he worked as a nurse then a nurse practitioner and then a doctor and served Dead End Memorial Hospital and Hathian General Hospital.

When I asked him what he would like to say to the public and to comment about the actions of previous fire chief, this was his response:

“Warrhol was a skilled department leader and he did a good job. The public and FDH had a lot of confidence in him. Warrhol’s actions were a massive shock to FDH, HPD and the public because nobody would have expected of him given how he usually conducted himself professionally so a radical overhaul of FDH is unnecessary because his and the current staff’s work was done well. My main aims are to maintain and continue to improve FDH’s clinical and rescue standards and to focus on community engagement. All Hathian’s businesses will be reinspected as part of a safety audit.”

I would like to say that FDH does not condone Dale Warrhol’s despicable actions. Everybody regardless of who they are should expect that when they call an ambulance that they will be rescued and offered the best care. I offer my sincere condolences to everybody who was harmed in the tragedy and that I am committed to ensuring nothing like that never happens again.

Chief Trevor Pentewyn

FDH neutrality is paramount to its success and ability to perform life saving interventions. The new chief has certainly his work cut out for him but it’s also important for us citizens to rally around the institution and not focus on a figure that is no longer part of it. I have written about FDH back in December, and I for one re-iterate my support for the institution and all its staff who have rescued so many and continue to make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Stay Safe Hathians.

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