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Getting Stretchy In Summer

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By: Daiyu Tang

Photos by: Eliany and Driscoll

Good morning readers! It’s never to late to get fit and across Hathian there are a range of ways you can do this. From Eleri’s Self-Defence classes at Fit Box to the sometimes staged boxing competitions to just general running and cycling. You can also eat a bit less of the unhealthy food that has ‘Shack’ or similiar in the name. Try the wholesale market and fresh growing from the Flamin’ Cajun vegetable and fresh market!

But if you’ve tried some of the above and you need more, how about getting out to Laveau where the Bait Shop resides and participating in one of their newly scheduled Yoga Classes. The first class was held on the 12th June 2024 in the heat and sun that Louisiana loves to throw at this time… Hot sun, hot bodies, competent coaching, it really was a lovely little way to get fit and sweat trying!

Recent events were published to the Parish Events listing, so keep your eyes out for when the next one comes about.

For those interested in finding out more first, you can visit the Bait Shop and speak with Lovie or Mr. Mankus to register your interest.

I attended, after the long drive down and while the drive itself was something to forget (and sweat in the tin can that’s the Observer’s truck), once there, with a little breeze from the coast and the promise of snacks and drinks afterwards it was an easy ‘sale’ and I, along with the rest of the class settled down to a very enjoyable instructor led session. Maybe we’ll see you there next time?!

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