A Warning From HPD and CUPD This Christmas

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As snow continues to fall on Hathian City and the Columtreal University campus causing traffic difficulties, preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve are underway.

Despite this particular and somewhat abnormal weather for a region of the South of the United States, such as Louisiana, everyone is busy finding the latest gifts that will delight young and old alike; others are doing their last food shopping while the undecided are still looking for ideas to please their families and acquaintances.

The excitement is noticeable everywhere.

Other characters are also involved in unsavoury and dishonest activities. Thieves and criminals of all kinds are no exception to being busy at the Holiday season and their bad reputation continues, particularly by multiplying burglaries at this time.

That’s why the Hathian PD and CUPD, at least some members of them, (because we know well and unfortunately that some unscrupulous officers are not zealous about their professional activities – which the Hathian Observer regularly denounces) redouble their efforts to thwart the plans of these evil individuals by increasing the number of day and night patrols and calling on citizens to be particularly vigilant not to promote these crimes and offences that rot our lives.

The temptation is great for criminals of all stripes because of the many empty houses of their occupants who have gone to join their loved ones on the other side of the country for the holidays.

The risk of theft is exceptionally high on the university campus because many students disappear for the holidays leaving possessions and dorm rooms easy prey to these criminals.

It is fair to say that the gangs and chancers of our dear city are never really ‘off’ on holiday!

Nevertheless, we must remain optimistic and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful year 2024.


Joce DUJARDIN, reporter for the Hathian Observer.

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