Presenting ‘Bourbon St. Babes’ – A Hathian Adult Magazine

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By Eros Entertainment, LLd

(Editor’s note: This forms part of the ‘By Nightseries and appears online rather than in the print edition. To access you need to have registered ((no OOC requirement obviously!)) in order to protect our most vulnerable ((Please note that there are OOCLY restrictions on hardcore pornographic content, with such material mostly requested to be hosted on the Forums rather than the Observer))

Eros Entertainment proudly presents its next porn title, a printed glossy adult magazine primarily sold at the Triple-X Pornshop as well as an online version for the digital consumer.

Each issue of ‘Bourbon St. Babes’ will feature sexy women as well as news and articles about the adult industry in Hathian, primarily centered around Bourbon Street.

Article 1: The Slut Academy

by ‘Bourbon St. Babes’

From the very first advanced sex-ed class held at Columtreal University under the title ‘The Slut Academy’ controversy has surrounded the change in academia at CU introduced by former CU alumni now turned professor, Carly Cox.

Reports of students walking out, orgies and objectified human lamps, all led to a campus protest being called, at the start of another class held by Professor Cox called ‘How to Market your Pussy’ a class about marketing strategy in the adult industry.

Professor Carly Cox finally speaks up about what is happening, and we are proud to publish her statement here in the first edition of ‘Bourbon St. Babes’.

“Where conventional sexual education classes teaches students they have a sexuality, the advanced sexual education class intends to explore it. I have personally received great feedback from the attendants, that are not just students, but people from Hathian sucked back into the educational environment that Columtreal has to offer. Now, CU is offering education to the masses, and not just a few horny lesbians on the Volleyball team, that from what I hear, have a far greater amount of orgies and sexual intercourse in locker rooms, which is fine by me. At the end of the day, we all benefit to explore in learn more about our own sexualities, which benefits student happiness, as well as educate them”

The Professor goes on to say “CU gossip girl that was behind the attempted hit piece in the Observer, as well as the student calling for the protest, clearly share the same fate of having been born a few centuries too late, and clearly belongs in the 15th century Church denying people enlightenment and burning them at the stake. Not only do my classes bring in more students on average than any other class, it also brings in people who are normally too old to go to college, overall offering higher learning to everyone”

“If the Dean at Columtreal University fires me, I will simply move my classes elsewhere, as there’s obviously a need for more education, instead of only catering to the protected bubble the students normally live in”

Article 2: TOP 3: Sexiest Chicks in Hathian

by Ricky Bobby

  1. ‘Haven’
  2. Lauri Mayfair
  3. Carly Cox


I love stunning blondes with big tits, and her Double-D’s are shaped in ways that would make any man want to be domesticated in order to allowed to play with them. With ‘Haven’ you also get a big booty normally only seen on chicks in porn movies or magazines, making it irrellevant if you are an ass or a titty kind of guy, as you get both in one woman. Additionally she is dowen to fuck in public, and likes to dirty talk, while I rail her.

Lauri Mayfair

Lauri… I’d say her facial features gives her the sweet and innocent but fuck me type of look. She is that sexy neighboors daughter that torments any kept man, wanting to stray just to get a piece of her in the woodshed once the wife has gone to bed. That she owns a porn shop, just speaks for itself.

Carly Cox

She’s definitely a good kisser, and she knowsi how to use that mouth and tongue of hers for other great things as well. Also very hot the way she just guide me to her ass wanting me to fuck it without having to ask… Most girls, guys gotta ask and not just once. Mmh and well I do get pretty horny around her because I know that I can just grab her and use whatever hole I wish and when I am done molesting her, she will say ‘thank you’.. That’s pretty fucking hot and gets me hard every time.

Article 3: ‘How I Wet Your Mother’

by XXX Films & Jack Boyer (Photographer)

In early August, a porn scene was shot by XXX films featuring porn actor Matthew Baker and porn actress Carly Cox. XXX films is proud to present a teaser image for the DVD movie that will release later this year under the title ‘How I Wet your Mother’

Additional images can be found on our website ((IM Calanthral Falodir IC for more! example))

Article 4: The Gangbang Club

by Eros Entertainment, Lld

Introducing another new concept in the way porn is made in Hathian, we can proudly lift the veil and present ‘The Gangbang Club’.

The Gangbang Club is a subscription based amateur porn club, where members can participate in private sexual activities such as:

  • Gangbangs
  • Reverse Gangbangs
  • Swinger Orgies
  • Wife/Girlfriend swapping
  • Blowbangs
  • Bukkake
  • And more…

The Subscription is $250 a month, with at least one monthly event happening arranged by Eros Entertainment, but the members can also call for events among themselves, arranged by themselves. These events will take place around Hathian, behind closed doors, but will have photographers on site. Members can wear masks and disguising clothes if they do not wish to be recognized.

Create a user at and select ‘The Gangbang Club’ package to join up today!

((IM Calanthral Falodir in-world, or Carly Cox on discord to sign up))

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