Pirates Hang HPD Lieutenant

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By CU GossipGirl

((pictures by Brooke Herber and Sabrina Morningstar))

Hey everyone, it’s Gossip Girl here and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what happened at CU’s “Pirate Day.” Yes, they really did hang someone at a makeshift gallows! But don’t worry, it was all part of the fun and games.

The CU Theatre Group did an amazing job with the props, including a genuine reconstruction of a pirate ship. The costumes were on point too, with some seriously impressive hats. I might have to borrow a couple for my next outing.

You won’t see this every day on campus!

The best part of the day for some was seeing Landon Fyre win the best dressed Pirate contest and win the “prize” of being hung on some gallow props. He’s from the HPD, so seeing him hung by the neck for a brief moment would have made some of the gangs of Hathian very happy. But of course, it was all for show and Fyre even won a case of rum for his troubles. Fyre did want his public to know “I did it for the people.”

Ready for the gallows

Unfortunately, not everyone was there to have a good time.

Zariah Scott, a known Reject who the HPD have had some trouble with in the past, spoke openly about her wish for harm to come to Fyre and got drunker as the event went on.

She was heard to say in front of the waiting crowd “burn the witch!”, though for clarity, there is no evidence Fyre is associated with witchcraft or any magical beliefs. Their feud has been growing since the campus drill incident, where Zariah blamed Fyre for targeting her gang.

This feud has the potential to become explosive so let’s keep an eye on these two; they say an eye for an eye.

What happens when they hang you and cheer it on?

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