Explosion Rocks Hathian as HPD Becomes Latest ‘Secret Santa’ Target

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by J.S. Steel

[I apologies for the delay in bringing you this stories due to the holiday season, JS Steel]

A huge explosion rocked Hathian on the evening of Wednesday 21st December, as the latest ‘gift’ from the person or person’s known as the ‘Secret Santa’ exploded in Hathian Police Department, sending plumes of smoke into the air around the building and spraying debris around the entrance area of the building and onto the street.

It was around 4:30 pm local time when the bomb detonated, sending shockwaves around the area as the blast was heard right across the city, signaling the use of what could only be a significantly larger device than had been previously left by the bomber. The ‘present’ had previously been discovered a little earlier and fortunately Hathian Police Department had managed to evacuate most of the building while Hathian Fire Department arrived on the scene to offer their assistance, however despite the brave efforts of both departments, the device, which had been left in the public lobby of HPD, exploded while Officers and Fire Department staff were still trying to clear and secure the area.

It is unknown at the moment just how many people were killed or injured due, to the amount of attacks in recent weeks, culminating in a final bomb being detonated the next day at the Motel before the suspect was apprehended by HPD, Hathian General Hospital had been inundated with many more people seeking medical assistance in addition to the traditionally heavy traffic into the department at this time of year and the editorial decision was made to not add to the stress of the already busy medical professionals at this present time.

The incident has began earlier in the day, it was later reported that Officers had been warned that they would potentially be the target of a device, and were placed on high alert. A package was delivered at around ten past three in the afternoon, security footage shows a group of ‘Santa’s Elves’ exiting from a van that had backed up tot he entrance of HPD before they started to unload their parcel. An officer returning from patrol at the time, saw the van parked outside HPD and warned the suspects who had started to and it is believed within a couple of minutes Officers inside HPD had also become aware of the parcel being left just inside the building in the lobby area.

It only took a couple of minutes for the call to be made to evacuate the building and as members of HPD poured out of the building in pursuit of the van and the Elves it’s thought that at least two to three of those responsible were apprehended by the fast actions and bravery of the on-duty officers. By 4pm they had managed to block off access to most of the street except for the expected trucks from HFD, and arrested and moved the arrested Elves to a safer area. At this time it would also appear they were made aware of someone potentially being held captive in the parcel along with whatever else was inside, at this point it was highly suspected but had not been confirmed to be an explosive device.

The person who had escaped the box, was killed moments later when, before anyone was able to do anything to help her a huge explosion ripped through the lobby of HPD, killing the woman instantly. Uncorroborated sources have claimed the woman was Mary Alice Creevy, a local Hathian resident though due to the circumstances it may take a while to identify the remains. In addition to the woman that had been kidnapped and stuffed inside the parcel there were reports of multiple fatalities and injuries.

Due to the bravery and quick thinking of Officers from HPD it is thought that the majority of those casualties were members of HPD who had bravely continued to secure the area and try to protect the public at a risk to their own safety.

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