The Hayes Family: Who are They and Why Did Luthais Die?

In a city where family ties matter, where next for the Hayes who have lost two sons already?

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Luthias Hayes (now deceased), photographed by GBTL at the Grind Event, April 23rd 2022

Reader, it’s Daiyu Tang, ‘Girl Behind the Lens’ for the Observer! Apologies that I’ve been a little quiet since the Community BBQ… I promise I’m still hard at work on a variety of stories but that sometimes the content gives me pause or the investigations to try and source facts to go with it takes time. The BBQ was an example, not only was it shocking it was swiftly followed by something worse. Anyway, here I am with another crime related story and again rather than an individual act of violence, I have been given access to some material around what maybe another ‘Crime Family’ preying on individuals in Hathian.

The Hayes Family

I was contacted by a source involved with the family who was also able to provide photographs from HPD’s own body cameras or crime scene. In order to then get some additional views I approached a number of other parties for this story, some who agreed to be on record and others, including HPD, who didn’t. Never-the-less a picture has been painted of a perhaps dangerous situation, in particular for some of our well-known residents in Hathian with a palpable air of danger still hanging over the situation, despite the apparent deaths of a number of the Hayes males. So, let’s get into this a bit more.

Firstly, what is the story that has started this? Well readers, as I noted on Twitter I was informed through sources that a man, identified as Luthias Hayes had been shot by a HPD Officer, Cade Morgan. (yes readers, him again… not content with rescuing his wife, he appears to also be rescuing others in need, well done officer!) Now this shooting hasn’t been publicised that much as far as I can tell and the full details are a little murky but with the help of both security camera photos from around D8 and body-cam stills (Sorry HPD, these were dropped anonymously and unless Telegram can be hacked by your resident iPhone cracked Clarissa, I can’t assist in identifying the source as I’m not sure either!), we’ve pieced together a little of what happened…

It appears that there is some significant history, so here is what I’ve been able to piece together:

  • The criminal Aiden Hayes, who though now deceased, was reported to have been involved in late January 2022 with the torture and attempted murders of famous rock stars Jordan Rizzo and Delphine Lee Warpath. Our sources in HGH indicate that Delphine’s prosthetic leg was caused by Aiden as part of this sick event that has blighted Mrs. Warpath’s family.
  • Aiden was killed by one of his victims, a matter ruled self-defence in the court of public opinion and as far as my sources at HPD indicate the case was closed with natural justice having been served in the eyes of the law.
  • Aiden’s family, which includes Luthias Hayes and at least one sister, Niamh Hayes has for some reason attached themselves to the Warpath family and was considered a threat to the extent that various accusations, court cases and so forth were either actioned on pending
  • Our research at the Observer indicates that the Hayes family, with roots from Ireland are well known in their jurisdiction as a prominent crime family. Sadly, the Observer doesn’t have any cultivated contacts with Interpol or similar, but phone calls to local libraries and a local paper bore fruit with family history and some additional details that have been used in this story
  • It is not clear to me readers why the Hayes family is interested in the Warpath family. For example what matter has generated this bad blood that has led to two brothers dying as they pursued their evil acts

So, with some of that back story, we move onto a little of the detail.

The death of Luthais Hayes (Reader discretion advised)

Sergeant Cade Morgan inspects the crime scene with Mrs. Warpath now safe in the background.

Reader, you live in Hathian. This city is dark but my work speaking with a number of the key players, including Sergeant Morgan show that sometimes, light can be provided to protect those who need it. As you can see from above, Luthias Hayes, the second brother to die while attempting to attack the Warpaths had his life ended by an HPD officer, protecting and serving, as we expect them to do. Here is what I can glean from various photos, CCTV feeds and interviews:

  • Luthais Hayes was gunned down Saturday night of May 21st by Sgt. Cade Morgan when he was found attacking world-renowned Delphine Warpath.
  • Sergeant Morgan had received a distress call from Mrs. Warpath from the park in District 8 and on his arrival Hayes was observed to be assaulting Mrs. Warpath with a knife.
  • I understand, but have not been provided with evidence that Hayes was given a warning to drop his weapon and when the warning was not heeded, Sgt. Morgan had no choice but to administer fatal shots to the assailant.

With the dying attacker swearing that the act had been performed “On behalf of the Hayes Family” and with now two brothers having attempted to attack the rockstars of Hathian, it is a very real question if they are still in danger, for example from the sister, or other unknown members of the Hayes family. Finding out why this has happened should be on the mind of HPD (and mine reader!). In order to try and get a little more information, I interviewed both Sgt. Morgan at the HPD station and spoke with Mrs. Warpath over Twitter.

Interviews with Sgt. Morgan and Mrs. Warpath

Security Camera footage from D8, enhanced by HPD. What luck readers?

Reader, on the 28th I approached Sgt. Morgan for some commentary in HPD’s reception. While I was not perhaps afforded as much time as I would have liked, as the newly promoted officer had to go on patrol, I was able to find out a few things:

GBTL Daiyu Tang: “Detective Morgan? Daiyu, interning at the Observer… I really wanted to ask you for more than a ‘no comment’ on the Hayes shooting…”
Sgt. Morgan: “Actually it’s Sergeant Morgan now. No longer a detective. Sort of got an upgrade and it’s come with a shit ton more paperwork… what about the shooting?”
GBTL Daiyu Tang: “Oh, congratulations! Thank you for offering to answer a question or two… So I spoke with Miss. Warpath, who had a story about an Aiden Hayes before this case… I was wondering, if that was closed now, if there was anything to add about that… like whether you believe there is any further threat to Miss. Warpath? If so, is there a plan to give her more protection? I want to show that with two of these people dead that the City has it under control? Something like that…”
Sgt. Morgan: “It is what it is. Paperwork’s a fucking headache and it’d be Mrs. Warpath, not miss. She’s married to Magnus Warpath… As for the previous case involving Aiden Hayes, yes, it’s closed. No comment on that one and as for threats to Mrs. Warpath, hopefully this is the end and the Hayes family will learn to leave the Warpaths alone. I am guessing she told you what Aiden Hayes had done to her?”
GBTL Daiyu Tang: “Mrs. Warpath did tell me about her leg, uhh wider family impact and so on and she did say that the Hayes family has kidnapped over 30 people, mostly women… I’m pretty new here, but has there been anything to back that up? Any old paper articles, court cases or anything? I don’t want to cause some kind of meltdown if I write that and it’s not somewhere close to being true… Thirty… I mean surely not?”
Sgt. Morgan: “As for what she told you and is ok with you printing, print that. In regards to the Hayes family, probably a question best suited for the federal authorities and Interpol.”
GBTL Daiyu Tang: “Thank you, that’s been helpful I guess… don’t think an intern gets to ask Interpol shit, but well, it was a fair suggestion oh and keep up the good work Sergeant… don’t know enough to make a full call, but saving your wife and then taking out someone hurting Del? Seems pretty good.”

So there we have it reader, not a huge amount to go on from Sgt. Morgan, but no direct refutation of rumours and previous Hayes family history. This is for sure a dark story and to wrap it off, I just wanted to give you a little from Mrs. Warpath herself…

Mrs. Warpath: “The family is after mine and anyone attached to me. We’ve become reclusive and barely go out because we fear for our lives… Aiden has kidnapped and hurt over 30 women and if we can get them to speak out we think we’ll be safer once word is out.”

So, if anyone knows (or sadly is) a victim counted among the number Mrs. Warpath suggests, do get in contact. We can shine some more light on the dark and dissipate it through familiarity and knowledge.

Reader, I trust you found this useful… this is GBTL signing off, but leaving you with this powerful image of Mrs. Warpath showing that despite horror and adversity, that true resilience and beauty shines through.

Mrs. Warpath on fire at the Hathian Beauty Contest
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