Assailant Confesses to Robbing Musician Ryder Millet at Gunpoint

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Originally posted in TMZ

Charlie Bundy was arrested after confessing to shooting rising star Ryder Millet, during a robbery at gunpoint at Daily Grind in Hathian, Louisiana. Jayden Jones was allegedly also arrested for being an accomplice in the armed robbery of him and his friend Gabrielle Lumaris.

When we caught up with a PR representative for Millet he gave the following statement:

Ryder is laying low while his injuries heal so I will be speaking on his behalf. We hope they rethink their actions in the future. I also want to clear the story up. Millet was at the coffee shop with a friend when they were robbed at gunpoint. She was left uninjured, thankfully. I want to make it entirely clear that the hooker part is a complete slanderous lie. Ryder was targeted because he is in the spotlight and they wrongfully thought he was carrying a large sum of cash. It was an unfortunate situation but it is one we would all like to move past.

It appears the truth has finally come to light. Details pertaining to the trial and sentencing of the assailants are not available at this time.

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