Sex Panther Confirm Romance

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The internationally acclaimed and famous Grammy-winning glam-punk rock band Sex Panther are currently embroiled in a controversy. They have been one of the major hitting bands in the rock world for six strong years, churning out hit after hit with widespread airplay on the radio, and the image of the lead frontman Max Climax and his lead guitarist Baz Calamity being ladykillers and skirt-chasers has been strongly maintained throughout those years. Their sex appeal has been a driving force behind their popularity with women in particular, with there even being a highly active official fanclub for them called the Sex Kittens.

A couple months back, however, paparazzi snapped photos in London revealing Max and Baz to bend more than one way, with the photos showing the two of them in a compromising position, suggesting something sexy going on between the two central figures of the band. Amid all this scandal, Max and Baz have been spotted in Hathian of all places, doing signings of their newest album at local Rader Records and being seen by various locals hanging about the city at different establishments, flirting with anyone near them. Their presence in the small Louisiana town is baffling. Why are they really here? Perhaps they wanted to get away from London, where the scandalous photos were shot.

All of that has changed now, however. Two days ago Max and Baz confirmed the romantic status of their relationship and came out as bisexual men on all social media platforms. They have rarely been seen in Hathian lately, no doubt avoiding the mobs of reporters and camera men that have been seen following them around the city. They are said to be mostly spending their time holed up in their yacht parked on the gulf coast of Hathian, where paparazzi have been seen hanging around waiting for the opportunity to catch them coming out of the boat. Many are wondering about the future of Sex Panther? How does this outing of their relationship and sexualities impact their fanbase? What has become of the delayed tour for their third album release? Is this the end of touring for them, or are they headed in a new direction? Be sure to stay tuned as more news develops.

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