Week Starts with Another Clue

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Another clue from the mysterious “Angel of Mercy” has arrived.

Current clue: A design that takes some beating (6)

Previous clues:

Come up to the lab, see what’s at The Slab, I see you shiver in … anticipation (4)

The bad apples in this orchard never fall (3)

In this place (6) that’s misspelled voodoo, you’ll find it worth it to visit this place where balls and pins collide (7, 5).

I’m at home with corpses (8)

((Welcome to The Final Countdown! Every couple of days, there will be a new clue posted in The Observer. That clue will guide you to a location – the number in brackets tells you how many letters you’re trying to guess [e.g. This district houses Hathian’s financial area (2) would be D8). Once you get to the location, there’ll be a newspaper and hovertext. Write down the word of the day! At the end of the month, arrange the words that you (and your friends!) have collected to find the final location — and the big finale! Will you get there in time?))

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