Observer Reporter Attacked By KogaGiveHerABadRashi

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This past week one of our reporters was attacked while working at the office of the Hathian Observer by a woman who identified her as a member of a domestic terrorist organization known as the Kogarashi.

Joanne Steel, 37, was working late when there was a knock at the door, she instructed the visitor the door was open and the door opened, with a smoke grenade being thrown into the room to disorientate her she was then attacked hit her in the chest and as she doubled over in pain hit her again, this time over the head with a long metal javelin, sending her to the floor.

Ms. Steel unable to move was then stamped on twice breaking her nose, and further increasing the concussion she would have been suffering, her hands were tied behind her back and she was tied to the desk kneeing in front when the callous attacker threw the javelin at her penetrating her shoulder exiting through the back of it as if that was not bad enough the attacker would then boobytrap the desk the ropes were tied around with charges to cause further chaos when HPD arrived to try rescuing the reporter.

HPD successfully managed to disarm the traps and Miss Steel was taken to Hathian General Hospital where she received surgery on her shoulder to repair the damage. The Hathian Observer is offering a $2,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest/conviction of the person responsible for this heinous crime

It was later reported that the traps contained no explosive material only an irritatingly lethal dose of itching powder.

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