Dead Body Found

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Photo – Police investigate the scene of a murder after an unknown woman was found dead.


A 9-1-1 call on Sept. 12, 2021, alerted police to the presence of a dead body in the alley between Comiquities and the abandoned ice cream shop. On arrival to the scene, police found the body of an unknown woman. Evidence indicates the woman was sexually assaulted and killed with a pair of scissors to the neck.

The body was found face up and spread-eagle, with her jeans and underpants pulled down to the ankles. Her shirt and bra were pushed up towards her neck. The autopsy put the time of death at 9:48 AM that day and found that the official cause of death was a puncture wound to right carotid artery. The victim also had blunt force trauma to the left rib cage, saliva on her face, and semen in her vagina. The results of the multiple DNA tests have not come back to investigators yet. There were no defensive wounds on the body.

Police also found a burner phone, an apartment key, and a receipt on the woman’s body. The latter indicates the victim lived in District 8.

Anyone who might have any information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact Hathian Police Department.

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