Sean’s 3* Motel and Skate Park Opens its Doors to the Public!

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Sean Eduardo Frontenac Diaz, CEO of SEANS-DINER, is pleased to announce the opening of Hathian’s latest new 3-star Motel, a well-equipped Motel that comes with a large Skate Park for Young and Old and comes with a Public Pool,
Vending machines to keep the guests hydrated and fed (pizza machine). Fancy something better? Pick up the phone line in the restaurant and dial #1212 for a direct connection to Sean’s Mexicana Diner (Free Delivery to guests staying in the motel!)

The pool is well equipped with a Big pool, a wood stove-heated Hot Tub warned to perfection daily for our guests and visitors comfort. Clothing is optional, but we ask to refrain from adult activities in the main pool area. The Hot tub and Sauna are reserved for our 18+ guests only ((no youth characters are allowed in the hot tub or sauna – 18+ characters only!)) The gym is free to be used by our guests aged 15 and up ((rp limit for realism. no U15 in Gym unless accompanied by guardian at all times.))

There is an availability of 6 18+ Rooms (5 left at the time of writing) and 2 PG Rooms (welcome to all ages, youths, family stays – these two rooms are separated off by a private parcel offering no adult activity to be seen or heard.)

Each room costs $250L per week and they come fully furnished to make your stay as pleasantly as possible.

((There is also a small camp made in the corner in safety where a few of Hathian’s less fortunate people may reside for free. Feel free to use it as your home spot in your story if you play homeless or poor. This is for youths and adults an rp opportunity with a actual spot to live we hope to see people creating amazing stories and memories here.))

These rentals aim to help lower the total costs of operating our Diner in District 8,
there are also 2 trailers still left for rent at the Diner, see the locations for actual and updated availability – and be quick because gone = gone!

Address: Sean’s 3* Motel, 1455 Lewis Avenue (NW), Louisiana 98198 (District 8)

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