Clowning Around in Hathian

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In recent weeks there have been sightings of all sorts of carnival folk. The most disturbing one is the clown. Yesterday he was seen with a member of the Hopper family, according to an anonymous source. This brings the question “is there a collaboration happening between carnies and Hoppers?”. The Hoppers have been in town long enough for people to start to wonder what mischief is being planned next. With so many clown sightings… it leads to the question, “Is there more than one clown?” and “Is this group going to increase further?”. Perhaps we will see Hoppers donning facepaint and ruffled collars. The clown has been relatively silent so far but, now we need to figure out what these carnies actually want.

The Hathian observer is interested in sightings of these strange folk, any witnesses who approach this reporter will be paid handsomely in gratitude.

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