Attempted Taphouse Tapper Ran Out

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Saoirse Laighléis lays a claim of sexual assault against a Hathian police officer.

Laighléis was handing out fliers for the Hathian Taphouse around the city when she crossed paths with an officer. The officer warned Laighléis her dress was too high and demanded $20 in exchange of avoiding a citation. A counter offer to instead provide dinner at the Hathian taphouse was extended by Laighléis and accepted by the officer.

A few days later the officer arrived at the bar. Laighléis served him dinner as her own meal grew cold. The officer offered to help her warm her plate, but Laighléis turned down the offer.

“You can’t take a hint can you?” the officer said as he ushered Laighléis behind the bar and sexually groped her. 

Laighléis smacked the officer’s hand away. Soon after the officer left.

“I scared him off,” Laighléis said, “Just by being myself.”

She anticipates the officer will return and retaliation to follow.

“You know, men like him is what makes cops have a bad name. Am I afraid of reciprocation against myself and the bar after this? Of course I am. Anyone can catch a woman in an alleyway and do terrible things to her.”

Laighléis has yet to see the officer again.

The Hathian Police Department was reached out for comment on the incident. Media liason Jax Williams submitted a prepared response

“I have no knowledge of such an event, as no report or accusation has come into my possession,” said Williams. “These claims are common, as there are many individuals seeking to discredit the good officers of the Hathian Police Department, and their reputations. People also try to make a quick buck off of such claims. None have any evidence. If such a case was reported formally to the department by way of a report and complaint, then this would be investigated, and if evidence indicated truth to the claim, the officer would have their employment terminated, and criminal charges sought.”

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