One Night in the Red Light

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On August 29th, the businesses of Bourbon St. held Night in the Red Light, an adult oriented event. The XXX, Rub n’ Tug, Titty Twister, Poison Apple, and Roue Fortunes set up booths and tables upon sidewalks. The main show however took place underground, in the belly of the newly remodeled strip club.

Down there Chong Diaboloto, owner of the XXX, hosted a competition for participants to show off their best assets. Judges for the event were picked from business owners of Hathian: Shelby Leblanc, Blue Noel, Brandie Kelly, Amber Kidd, and Geoffrey Welders.

Several categories were up for review: best breasts, best female body, best male body, best female stripper, and best male stripper.  

For the competition of Best Breasts, Eji Chau won third, Heil Cain claimed second, and Asia Banu came in first place. Naeemah was chosen to have the best female body in Hathian. Bruno Caffarelli was the only male to enter for best male stripper and best male body and won by default. Hottest College Co-Ed had only two participants, Naeemah and Caffarelli again, and they were again declared winners.

A minor disturbance occurred during the event with gunshots fired in the street. Police appeared on scene and arrested one suspect. A Hathian police officer sustained injuries and was treated on scene. One victim was transported to Hathian General Hospital.

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