Garden of Eden Puts a Finger to Power Bottom

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On August 6th, Garden of Eden began THU of Powerplay, a usual Thursday BDSM event. 

Each Thursday guests may enter the resort and pick up a color coded wristband. Colors denote if a guest is dominant, submissive, or a switch between the two. The typically clothing optional resort requires mandatory nudity for this event.

“Thursdays are perfect for people looking to mix the tropical garden with their own fetishes,” the resort advertises.

A modest group of guests attended and congregated at the bar. There, among intimate closeness, powerplay was discussed more than exhibited.

One guest asked, “What does it mean, a switch?”

According to guests, one identifies as a switch is open to dominant and submissive roles during sexual encounters. Though this role was identified, the means of executing it remained in question. If one could be dominant while on the receiving end of intercourse was highly debated.

Sexuality was another matter of discussion. A particular interest of crossing the lines between homosexuality and heterosexuality popped up in regards to anal play and threesomes.

Common consensus was, “So long as balls aren’t touching, it’s not gay.”

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