Duel Turns Into Three Way at Lou’s Bar

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Lou’s Bar was the scene of a brawl between an out of uniform Hathian Police officer and Kaliyah Nijat, one of Hathian’s Most Wanted, on the evening of August 6th.

The altercation began in the bar between Nijat and another patron. The out of uniform officer attempted an arrest, which led to a formal duel outside.

Bar bystanders and pedestrians circled around to watch the two spar. Bets, taunts, and exchanges for drugs were tossed around.

An exchange of kicks opened the match. Nijat demonstrated her martial skills in an attempt to disable the officer. The officer however maintained himself and retaliated with a blow. 

The fight was abruptly interrupted by one man’s interference. He charged in to tackle the officer and met with resistance from both sides. Nijat and the officer turned their attention to the man in an attempt to strike him down.

The three way match ended when one bystander called Hathian Police. Police arrived at the scene and ordered everyone to immediately disperse. The crowd dispersed into the street, alleyways, and into the bar.

Police attempted to arrest the man who stepped into the fight. He however evaded capture.

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