Officer Calls for Backup During Threeway

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On July 16th an altercation at the Daily Grind with a Hathian Police officer turned into call for backup.

At 1:30 PM an officer blocked a female suspect as she exited the coffee house. After he expressed concerns for her health, the suspect protested for the officer to back away. Two other women within the shop entered the scene and attempted to goad the officer to withdraw. The suspect then attempted to pull the officer’s arm away. The officer retaliated, and pushed her to the pavement.

“Assault!” cried the suspect, “He is hurting me! This officer is assaulting me! Help! Ow, my arm! Ow!”

One of the observing women leaped into the fray and struck an officer with a guitar. The officer took a moment to steady himself and then drew his baton. As he readied for a fight, the other woman charged in to pin him down. She called for her companions to flee, however they do not heed her command.

Instead, they stayed and continued to brawl. Between kicks, punches, and pushing the officer plowed forward and tackled two suspects into a nearby newspaper box. As the two lay winded, the officer called for backup.

Police arrived within minutes of the call. Upon their entry, all suspects attempted to scatter and escape. Two however are closed in upon and promptly arrested. The female suspect previously stopped by the officer fled into the direction of Black Bottom’s trailer park.

Two suspects were arrested at the scene. The remaining suspect is currently at large and pursued by police.

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