Break-In at the Gein

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Submission by Mark Coletti

Several weeks ago, the Gein Diner in downtown Hathian was broken into and torn upside down. The Observer was finally able to sit down with the very busy diner owner, Bubs Ella, to discuss the incident.

“Okay well, I have no idea why they choose to attack the Gein, but the gang signs in the window were a pretty big give away to who it was,” Bubs informed the Observer. “When i looked back at the CCTV, people pointed out some faces, some were covered up….some weren’t, idiots… It happened a few weeks ago now, place was completely ruined…and now that the cat is out the bag, being pregnant and all, it was a lot of stress…” Bubs looked extremely distraught as she described the incident.

When asked about the gang itself, and for a description of the destruction, Bubs explained with teary eyes: “Okay so the gang signs were the LOS OC gang, a few off them up in the windows. There was a drawing off a dick on the ceiling, graffiti on the walls, and am pretty fucking sure someone pissed on the seats…it stunk. The place had literally been teared upside down, food, sauces all over the floor, bins tipped over, the kitchen trashed, and not mention the waiter working was locked in the back. She pissed herself with fright. The milkshake machine was tipped upside down, and it cost me about 40K to repair everything, we were shut for about two days, had cleaners and painters everyone inside…”

When asked about the gang specifically, Bubs didn’t have much to add other than to simply say, “Bad things just happen to good people. I think they were just bored, wanting to trash something…and unfortunately it had to be the Gein. I wish I could tell you about the gang but I have no idea, or why they done this…”

The incident seems to be fairly isolated as there has not been any other break-ins at the Gein or any other businesses in the last few weeks. Still though, caution and safety measures are always good to be followed in our town of Hathian. We all know that things happen when it’s least expected.

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