Pie Hole Loving Leaves Locals Gagging for More

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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! For those visiting The Pie Hole on Battle St., that’s true.

The local pizza joint has seen its share of romance within the last several weeks. Numerous patrons take their dates to the pizza shop. A lucky few become engaged.

Pie Hole proprietor Sofia Vyper sat down with the Observer to discuss this new local phenomenon. She sums up the Pie Hole’s attraction for romance in three parts.

“I suppose it has something to do with, firstly, the food,” says Vyper “It has always been tradition, across many cultures, that food brings people together; particularly good food. And with good food, the secret ingredient is love.

Secondly I think the atmosphere needs to be just right for a nice date…You need to make things as comfortable as possible, and I think the Pie Hole provides such a comfort. A place to call home. With a blend of Louisiana and Italian flavour, I think there is something for everyone.

Thirdly, I like to muse that the Pie Hole Pizzeria must be some kind of nucleus in the universe where the love energy is off the charts.”

Vyper also caters to enhance the mood and level of intimacy. Couples may set up reservations and opt for a special menu. The menu includes a three course meal or specialty pizza depending upon the customers’ preferences.

“We have happily supported some special romantic dinners that turned into marriage proposals. We help our customers carefully plan for everything and support them in making things a surprise for their partner. We will even go to the extent of setting things up differently in the pizzeria; whatever our customer requests if they book ahead. The other day we had a picnic blanket in here instead of a table! All for love.”

So far this year, the Pie Hole has catered to three marriage proposals.

The Pie Hole takes their motto, ‘Love pizza. Be pizza,’ as a serious mantra to live by. Vyper vouches herself and employees are keen to love and a sense of community.

“We love to be a part of these things, myself and our staff, especially Fiammetta: all hopeless romantics, But she would kill me if she knew I said that… Loving and being, as I said earlier, are the most important things, but cannot exist without people. We cannot be islands, we need community, we thrive on it. Where I come from, everyone helps everyone in the town, there is no other way. I miss that, so I encourage it and support it here in Hathian. Some may think I am crazy for it, as if they have given up hope for this city. I do not. The last thing to die is hope, so as long as I am here, I will support whatever hope and love in the community there is.”

For those without a date, Twitter users may show their love for pizza by participating in the Pie Hole’s ‘Monthly Special Named After You Contest’. Submit your favorite toppings to get a pizza named after you. All entries will be voted on by locals via Twitter poll.

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