Vice City Hosts Back to Prom

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On Saturday, May 9th Vice City Night Club in Vodou hosted Back to Prom, an adults only promenade. Advertised as a party you don’t want to miss, the night club did not disappoint.

Before the event opened at 2:00 PM, eager attendees were already inside the building. Dressed in suits and gowns, the crowd diverged between the bar and dance floor. Throughout the night they meandered between plump vinyl cushioned seats, teems of dotted balloons, and a photo booth decorated with lit flowers and butterfly wings. Though crowds diminished throughout the day, the club retained a sizable amount of patrons beyond the event’s closing at 8:00 PM.

Vice City held polls on Twitter to determine the reigning prom couple. Out of eight couples, Z and Kita Adachi were crowned prom queen and queen. Celebrity David Pink and Ryder Koslov-Mllet came in a close second, with Zahos and Sofia Vyper in third place.

Club owner Alexandr Cain attributes general manager Khloe Reignz for overseeing the entire event with the support of bar manager Ambriel Robertson. The event’s DJ was fashion model and Vaarallinen keyboardist Hannya Lee.

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