Clown Doesn’t Joke Around with Hathian Observer

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On the morning of February 5th, Hathian Observer security footage captures a person incognito defacing the outside office wall.

An unknown individual, wearing a clown costume, carries a pale and brush up to the office front. Hastily the suspect paints, “BILL’S BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS” onto the brick exterior. Before departing, they pin a cat’s paw and letter to the building’s single entrance door.

The unsigned letter admonishes Hathian Observer’s coverage of Bill Crumb.

”Bill was a gentle and caring person. But he was misunderstood in his need for help. A shameless press did nothing to get him help when he tried to ask for it, they only hunted him down – greedy for the next screaming  front page. When it’s asked who really role Hathian the big fat finger points at the ruthless press. It’s obvious that the press never will allow humanity or truth to get in the way of the next horrifying and well selling front page. Concerned citizens ask anxious ‘can we trust the new editor at Hathian News?’”

The suspect also leaves an additional note of, “It’s not over yet,” underneath the door.

Investigation into the cryptic messages is currently underway by the Hathian Police Department.

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