Murderer Shoots Load in Cats

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On December 30th, the 6 o’clock Cats movie matinee at Hathian Theater on Hathian Highway was briefly hijacked by an unknown suspect. Instead of anthropomorphic cats singing and dancing, movie-goers are horrified to watch the brutal torture and mutiliation of a a female victim.

“It showed them injecting something into some chick,” theater owner David Pink describes, “Then cutting off limbs, then hanging said limbless body in the graveyard.”

Events of this footage are similar to an eyewitness report published on December 31st in the Hathian Observer: I Saw the Killer

The suspect managed to break in and enter the theater’s control then escape without detection by theater staff and patrons.

Pink discovered a cell phone plugged into the theater projector’s USB drive left behind at the scene. It was immediately turned over to the Hathian Police Department for investigation.

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